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Bracelets for School Supplies

Meet Natalie, Elizabeth, Sienna & Aleksandra; this year’s passion Project Recipients! We are so thrilled to officially announce the winning team for our first passion project initiative. This group of girls were members of a Toronto Indigo Girls Club and came together to create the project “Bracelets for School Supplies”. After being selected as the recipients of the IGG passion project fund they recruited more students at St. Gregory School to help join their team. Their plan was to create a variety of thread bracelets and sell them for funds to create kits filled with school supplies for students in need. The group of girls recognize the importance of proper school supplies to a child’s education and want to make a difference for lower-income students in their city. Their plan is to donate the kits as locally as possible. They have reached out to their school principal to determine if the school supplies can be distributed to students in need within their own school.

Since receiving the passion project fund, at the end of April, the girls have been busy organizing meetings with each other, parents and their school principal. All four of the girls used $40 to buy their own craft materials and design their own unique bracelet designs. The girls, with some parental assistance, have been managing the funds, creating advertisements, newsletter postings and writing updates for us here at Indigo Girls. They managed to create 140 bracelets and sold them in early June at St. Gregory School. From just three days of sales, the girls sold out all of their bracelets making a profit of $309. They plan to meet again to determine the next steps in their project. We are so incredibly proud of the compassion these girls have for other students and their motivation in making this project happen.

The girls have big dreams for the Bracelets for School Supplies project and hope that they can one day help children around the world. We know that they will continue to work hard to improve the lives of other young people and can’t wait to see where their project goes next. Here’s a quote from the girls themselves that we think really embodies their passion:

“A simple notebook and pencils can help our society in the future. Who knows, maybe we can inspire a future author. We all know that far too many children don’t even have the basic supplies to make it through a school day.”

Thank you to Sienna, Natalie, Elizabeth and Aleksandra for being amazing examples of Indigo Girls and for your hard work!

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