Indigo Girls Group

Indigo Girls is an organization run by young women for young women.

Through diverse mediums, we aim to educate and create discussion surrounding current societal themes for girls, themes relevant in both local and global contexts. We foster a safe, nonjudgmental, and supportive space to learn and engage together as growing young women.


Our focuses are on youth engagement, discussion-based learning, independent growth and

development, self-esteem, mental and physical wellness, and equipping girls with the tools to become change-makers in life.

We focus on many topics, some include gender barriers, self-care, anti-oppression, the role of women globally (i.e. in developing countries), media and advertising, environment, mental well-being, women in STEM, power and pride, and much more.


We operate in the Guelph, London, Kingston, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Halifax and Vancouver communities. To learn more about what we do please take a look at our club, branches, and projects pages. 

Our Story

Our founder, Adele Heagle, comes from a family of inspiring women. The name Indigo comes from the folklore her mother shared with her as a young girl. Indigo children were supposedly put on Earth as wise beings that would create positive change around them. 


She took this story with her as she grew up in hopes to one day create an impact on the world around her. During her undergrad in Guelph, Adele saw a clear gap in girl’s programming. There was limited opportunity for accessible spaces where all self-identifying young women were welcomed and a high need for peer to peer support. She worked to try and fill this gap with the Indigo Girls program and created the first pilot club at Parkwood Gardens. In the first year, the club had upwards of 30 girls engaged weekly. They expanded to other niche areas including workshops and public speaking events within other community groups. Soon the clubs themselves grew and a team of passionate women-leaders helped to establish the program with a strong foundation. These leaders took the concept to their own communities and that was just the beginning of the Indigo Girls Group.

What is an Indigo Girl?

In our minds an Indigo Girl is a self-identifying young woman who is aware of her existence as a powerful person in the world. 


IGG welcomes participation of Indigo Girls and members on the basis of self-identification. We recognize the inherent and valuable belonging of trans women and transfeminine folks in this community. IGG aims to create a culture that is trans-friendly and supportive of diverse LGBTQI2S+ identities and expressions, where members are free from discrimination and harassment, treated with dignity, and are able to realise their full potential. Gender (girls, women, folks, etc.) is used rather than sex (female, male, intersex), in IGG’s programs, communications and data collection, in respect of individuals’ right to identify with their gender identity, regardless of whether this is reflected in their legal or personal records.


We hope by providing a wide range of learning topics the girls will come away with a sense of self determination, empowerment, and inspiration. Being an Indigo Girl means using creative tools to build oneself as an empowered individual in today’s society. With new found knowledge we hope all our Indigo Girls will go out into their communities and spread positive energy. As an Indigo Girl, young women can become agents of change, enabling their leadership and passion within communities. In our programming we work with the girls to address their goals and help them to realize this sentiment. Essentially, being an Indigo Girl means not only understanding strengths but how best to use them in a way that challenges barriers. Our realities are as diverse as our visions of empowerment. Indigo Girls are expected to approach the differences of each other and everyone that surrounds us with a respectful and learning mindset. 


The community environment we nurture is one of acceptance, support, and respect. All Indigo Girls should have the tools to further this type of safe space in their future endeavours. 

Indigo Girls Group

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