"Feminism is for Everyone" T-Shirt

Funds to: Ottawa Branch

Feminism is not just for women. Feminism is not just for a specific type of woman. Rather, feminism is for all genders. Feminism is for all races. Feminism is for all ages. Feminism is for all classes. Feminism is for all sexual orientations. Feminism is for all abilities. Feminism is for all ethnicities.

Feminism is for everyone!


We designed these shirts through an intersectional lens to recognize that the struggles that we face are as diverse as we are. Our mission is to allow young girls to realize their potential to become agents of change in their communities, while embracing the experiences they have that make them unique.


By wearing our shirts, you are creating positive change in your community by demonstrating that you believe feminism is a topic that includes everyone. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of these t-shirts will go towards supporting young women through programming aimed to educate and inspire.

*** These t-shirts are made with extra love and care. As a result, your t-shirt(s) may take up to a month to ship out but we promise you it’s worth it.

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