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IGG Stays Home

Unfortunately, after the Ontario government announced the temporary closures of schools, IGG made the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all of our programs. Many of our programs that were cancelled had been planned for months and was the first chance for many of our members to get into clubs and workshops. This tough decision was crucial as we had to ensure the safety of our members and the young girls we serve.

Since our announcement, we have decided to try and continue to best serve young girls in this challenging time and work to best support each other. To start we’ve continued our team meetings online and stayed connected with our 7 branches across Canada. For our members, We’ve also done online training sessions in anti-oppression and leading girls clubs. We hope to also host virtual sessions for our over 150 members, to use this opportunity to learn, reflect and make new connections.

We’d also love to open up some of these online sessions to the public for any young women who’d like to join. For now, we’d like to offer our support and recommendations for staying healthy; both mentally and physically during this pandemic. We’d like to remind everyone that you must stay home and stay at least 6 feet away from others while out in public. Please follow the guidelines set out by the government of Canada as they continue to evolve. This is the best way to ensure we slow down the spread of COVID-19. Also, as we all continue to stay home, here are some recommendations from some of our members on how to keep busy, distracted and mentally well.

“Capitalism tells us from a young age, that we have to produce, we have to have to make money to hold value. During this quarantine I am taking time to be mindful, to NOT be productive. I have been focused on being restful and kind to myself and my body.”- Victoria Miron, Ottawa

“I’ve been staying mentally well in these difficult times by finding new ways to practice self-care, and accepting that some days will be better than others! Whether it’s going for a walk, calling a friend or journaling I’ve found practising self-care has made a huge difference in my mental health in these challenging days” -Jane Thomson, Kingston

“For me it’s important to maintain some form of regular routine through all of this. Every day I get dressed and get ready for the day as if it were a regular day. Even though I don’t leave my house, putting on a pair of jeans makes me feel normal.” -Laura Smith, Toronto

“Connecting with warm energy with the people I love & who have & continue to love me! Using that energy to give back to my local community where possible!” -Adele Heagle, Vancouver

“Staying connected with my IGG community, looking for ways to contribute and give back to vulnerable populations, and caring for my mental health by playing more and more piano!”- Nina Hadzimustafic, Ottawa

“Eating a meal with my family and taking breaks from studying to talk with someone.”-Monika Sitas, Kingston

Check out our recommendations for books, movies and tv shows to help cure your boredom!

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