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For Indigo Girls Group, providing girls of all ages with key tools to blossom into strong and confident women is of the utmost importance. We are so proud to announce that the 2018 Empower Yourself Conference for high-school girls was a great success thanks to the whole Indigo Girls team, volunteers, sponsors and speakers. It was incredibly moving to see members of the community reach out to selflessly contributed their time, advice and resources to make the day an engaging and valuable experience for all the young women who attended.

The Empowerment Conference, which was held in Kingston, featured speakers from Indigo Girls Group, including Sarah Nersesian, Adele Heagle and Hayley Volden. Sophie Kiwala, the Member of Provincial Parliament for Kingston, delivered a powerful address to help kick of the conference by sharing advice derived from her life experiences and professional career.

The Education Exhibition provided the girls with the opportunity to speak one-on-one with women in post-secondary education programs in a diverse group of fields.

One of the highlights of the conference was the panel comprised of women from various professional backgrounds ranging from science to military, business, and journalism. The women spoke to important issues such as discrimination in their fields, and work-life balance. Most importantly, all of the women who addressed the conference crucially emphasized the fact that the paths they each took to achieve their goals were unique from one another’s, but the common thread running through them all was their passion for what they do, and determined work ethic.

Empower Yourself proved to be a valuable experience for the high-school students and Indigo Girls alike, with the main complaint being that the girls wished they could attend more of the workshops! Indigo Girls is hoping to continue to expand on this year’s conference, with the aim of reaching more young women in the Kingston community next year, so stay tuned as there will be updates posted on the website, as well as our Facebook page!

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