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Same IGG, New Logo

Indigo Girls Group is committed to anti-oppression and anti-racism practices, striving towards the elimination of all forms of oppression in its provision of programs in order to create and maintain a safe space that facilitates open and respectful learning and growing. This commitment is integrated into IGG hiring, training, program provision, evaluation, and strategic planning. IGG also upholds an intersectional approach to women’s empowerment, recognizing that women’s overlapping identities, including race, ethnicity, class, sexual orientation and ability, impact their experiences of gender identity.

In honour of Trans Remembrance Day 2018 and as we continue to grow, learn, unlearn, and relearn, IGG is updating its logo! This change reflects our commitment to all those who self-identify as girls, no matter their sex assigned at birth. Two-spirit, trans, and non-binary girls and women are invaluable to the IGG community and we will continue to advance their inherent belonging.

In solidarity,

Indigo Girls Group

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