Workshops are a key component of each Indigo Girl Group. They are focused and interactive workshops run by Indigo Girls members. Each workshop is unique and designed around the needs of the girls. Workshop topics range from self-esteem to women in science. They are presentation and activity based. Ideal for schools, community groups, pre-established programs and camps. They are 1-2 hours in length. They require minimal supplies and are flexible in nature. Workshops are available for two age group blocks (Grades 5-8) and (Grades 9-12). Please refer to the Workshop Handbook for more information on this topic area.


The Indigo Girl Workshop

What it means to be an Indigo Girl in today’s society, addressing key issues for young women across multiple sectors and spectrums. Leaving with a toolkit and a feeling of “indigo”.


Please note: we are able to make customized workshops to meet the specific needs of your organization, on any topic related to Indigo Girls. 

AGES 8 - 14

This workshop will focus on encouraging girls to explore and appreciate all that their bodies allow them to do by teaching them to re-channel self-criticism into confidence. The girls will be introduced to concepts such as body image, objectification, expression and empowerment through a fashion show!

This workshop will educate girls on the power of body language by learning about eye contact, facial expression, body stance, physical appearance and gestures. Role playing will provide the girls with a fun way to engage in the workshop and encourage discussion points later on.

This workshop will bring to light some common statistics regarding bullying in Canada as well as provide a safe space for an open discussion concerning the roots of bullying in the respective school. The workshop will encourage the girls in a direction towards self acceptance and celebration of the attributes that make them different while brainstorming ways others in their school can feel accepted.

Discovery happens every day and adventure surrounds us whether we are made aware or not. This workshop will focus on discoveries and adventures that accompany growth as a woman. Every experience that the girls have had has led to them discovering something new about themselves and the world around them.

How do we make a difference in the world? What can I do to create positive change in my community? Through this workshop girls will learn to become instigators of positive change in their communities. They will learn about the power of youth, female role models, how to identify areas for change in a community, SMART goal implementation, how to motivate others and the creation of an action plan!

Everyone as an individual is unique and there are many ways someone can convey their individuality. This is expression. This workshop addresses the countless ways an individual can express themselves and why your individuality is important.

This workshop will provide girls with the tools and strategies to persevere when experiencing failures and obstacles in life. It will also discuss ways to support others when they are experience failure.

This workshop will inspire young women to engage, accept and encourage fierce conversations. Inspired by Susan Scott’s book we will introduce strategies and the benefits of a fierce conversation.

This workshop is designed to introduce girls to the different types of identities/ expression an individual can have. Girls will explore gender stereotypes, how they might present themselves in their community and how to break away from them!

Girls will experience the lives of other girls their age around the world through an interactive world travel activity. This workshop will leave girls more globally aware and inspired.

This workshop was created to help girls understand how they deserve to feel and be treated in any relationships (with friends, family, partners etc.). Themes include mutual respect, peer pressure, consent, as well as good communication and cooperation. They will also develop conflict resolution skills through situational examples!

Girls will leave the workshop with the tools to discover/explore the right lifestyle for them and the confidence that they will find their best self. Self-love is a journey just like the rest of one’s life, and it is a constant process of re-evaluating and accepting who you are as a person.

In today’s society we often hear the term leader - but what does it mean to be a leader? Girls will learn what it means to be a leader, how to define their inner leader and steps to becoming a positive leader among their peers. They will also learn about women in leadership and the workplace, and the challenges they may face. They will leave with a leadership toolkit!

The goal of this workshop is to teach girls the importance of moving forward from obstacles they may face in their lives through demonstrating how personal and professional growth can stem from recognizing learning opportunities in mistakes.

This workshop will help the girls to explore their passions in life. Often times passions can lead to purposeful endeavours. This workshop will set the girls up with a method of ‘collecting’ their passions in a journal which they can use to define purposes that arise from their passions.

The aim of this workshop is to shed light on some common issues regarding privilege vs. oppression in our Canadian society today. The girls will learn about what privilege is as well as take part in discussion regarding privilege and oppression in their own lives.

Social media is being accessed by younger and younger girls who might not realize the dangers that are associated with using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. The girls will learn what should be kept off the internet as well as how to handle cyber bullying. At the end of the workshop the girls will leave with the knowledge of how to protect themselves and their online presence.

Everyone practices self-care differently, discovering the way in which you take care of yourself is very important. In this workshop the girls will learn about self-care in terms of eating healthy, being physically active, sleep, singing or dancing. The girls will learn how they practice self-care and how to promote self-care to others!

This self defence workshop will be led by trained self defence instructors from your local community focusing on improving awareness and self defence skills!

This self love workshop will show the girls how to practice self love, leaving them with an increased level of confidence and self-esteem. This workshop will focus on concepts such as confidence, self-love, self-esteem and how to practice and promote self-love.

With only 22% of spots in STEM being occupied by women this is an incredibly important workshop. Through this workshop girls will be introduced to exciting STEM careers, hear from university students in STEM and practice a hands on project (i.e. engineering design and creation) to fuel their curiosity in the field!

This workshop is designed to teach the girls about the balance and harmony that taking care of one’s physical, mental and spiritual health. The girls will discuss the importance of this balance and then partake in a small workout routine as well as meditation session.

Stress and anxiety levels in our young population are increasing with girls almost twice as likely to experience anxiety or stress regularly by middle school. It’s important for girls to identify the signs and symptoms of unhealthy stress and anxiety while exploring ways to manage it in their own way!

This workshop will focus on what it means to be successful as a young girl and encourage the girls to define what success means to them and create goals to achieve their own versions of success.

Girls will explore the way in which women are presented and perceived in the media through investigating how they are represented in magazines. This workshop will touch on gender stereotypes while being educated on how to look at media more critically. Reality vs. Media.


AGES 15 - 18

This workshop will dive into the world of self-love. With so many ever-changing social standards and beauty standards we want to ensure the women of tomorrow know exactly how to appreciate their own beauty inside and out.

A fierce conversation is a multi-reality embracing, ever changing, dynamic discussion that exposes the ground truth and allows participants to leave after accomplishing their goals for the conversation. Based on Susan Scotts book, this workshop will teach the skills necessary to deal with conflict and succeed in the world as a successful, powerful and FIERCE woman.

This workshop will take back the word and showcase the inner leader within every woman. We will be focusing on all the different aspects and types of leaders through various interactive elements.

This workshop will focus on different barriers women face around the world and the women working hard to overcome them. Attendees will get the chance to dive into the world of nationally planning to explore ways to empower themselves and women around the world.

This workshop will dive into the many dimensions of wellness while providing tools to maintain each. If you are wanting to learn Indigo Girls wellness first hand, this is the workshop for you.

This workshop will focus on the way women are portrayed in the media. With input from successful female news casters and women in the spotlight we will dive into how Hollywood and your personal social media feed affects the way women are viewed in this world.

This workshop will go into the world of failures. It will explore failures throughs true life lesson with the message that without failure there is no success. It will also look at the way we move on and encourage each other to continue pushing forward in spite of failures.

All our programs are FREE OF CHARGE.