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As Indigo Girls’ newest branch and first in the West, we are beyond excited to bring our wonderful organization to Prayrii! We are currently forming a team of young women, who are passionate about inspiring and empowering other women and girls. 

We will be offering free workshops, girls clubs, and programs to schools, community groups, and organizations in Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Contact us to join, volunteer, book a program, or to donate click here

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Alexandréa Nadeau

Co-Branch Leader

I am a third-year Science student studying Math and Biology at l’Université de St. Boniface in Winnipeg. I have spent most of my life volunteering and advocating for women’s, and particularly girls’, rights. I was amazed by the impact this organization could make on youth and their leadership abilities, passion for various subjects as well as their compassion toward others. I am very excited and grateful to be a part of such an amazing group of women. This group gives me a platform to lead positive change as well as give back to the community and, hopefully, inspire the girls we are working with to want to do the same. “There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish,” – Michelle Obama

Sarah Thomson

Co-Branch Leader

I am studying Biology and Chemistry at the University of Winnipeg. I started at the University of Mary in Bismarck, North Dakota where I played for the university’s softball team. After a year and a half, I transferred back home to Manitoba and was looking for a way to join a team of empowered young women. I have spent my whole life as part of a team, whether I was playing sports or coaching. Indigo Girls Group presented the perfect opportunity to build a team that works together to empower young women in our community. I am very excited to serve our community and to build long lasting friendships with the young women joining our team!

Sarah-Marie Nadeau

Community Outreach Leader

I am a first year science student at L’Université de Saint-Boniface. Moving to diverse areas of Canada while growing up has given me a unique perspective on the importance of standing up for others and helping those in need. As a result, I have developed a passion for philanthropy and giving back to my community. Whether it be organizing fundraisers, or spearheading community projects, I believe that each and every positive action taken has the power to make change. Being a part of Indigo Girls Group Winnipeg has been such an amazing way to connect with other like minded individuals, and has been a fantastic opportunity to make a valuable impact on not only those in need, but also to inspire future generations. I also love reading and eating waffles.

Jacy Ross

Graphic Design Leader

My name is Jacy, and I am studying art history at the university of Manitoba. In my free time I love to do art, yoga, and bake. I joined Indigo Girls to help create a positive community for young girls that empowers them to pursue their dreams and be themselves. I am proud to be a member of a team of incredibly driven and intelligent young women, and hope that together we can inspire the girls in our community.

Madison Baril

Social Media Leader

I am currently taking my Arts degree at the University of Winnipeg, with future plans of pursuing an Education degree. When I found out about what Indigo Girls stood for and that it was coming to Winnipeg, I knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of. I believe that educating girls early on about the importance of self worth, self love and women empowerment is very vital for young girls growing up in today's world. I am excited to be able to work alongside a team of amazing women while also being able to give back to the community.

Tessa Lupkowski

General Member

Hi! I’m Tessa! I’m a math and language arts student at the Université de Montréal. I love dance, theatre, pretty costumes and am passionate about the French language. I also enjoy cooking and baking for friends and family. I believe people shouldn’t be limited by their gender and that young women should feel empowered to pursue their dreams, whatever they may be.

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